Navigate to Settings. You can get there by clicking the gear icon on the Start menu. Select "Update & security" Click Recovery in the left pane. Click Get started...3 answers 9 votes:What operating system is it running?Windows 10 -1. Navigate to Settings. You can get .... Here's how to restore your Flex 5G to default factory settings. ... For additional info refer to the Windows support article, Recovery options in Windows 10.. Apr 24, 2020 How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Using the Built-In Method ... If you're factory resetting a laptop, make sure you plug it in to avoid losing power.... Aug 23, 2020 Hi, I am about to go to university and want to speed up my laptop, and I think the quickest way for me to do this is to do a complete factory reset,.... Nov 15, 2018 To do this, turn on the PC and when the Lenovo logo shows up, press the BOOT Men key continuously until you are taken to the Boot Menu. This.... Jun 12, 2017 How would I be able to access settings through only my keyboard? Working with a Lenovo 20135 on Windows 10. Thanks!. Jul 7, 2020 After googling (how to reset windows 10), you find this: ... Other Lenovo laptops apparently have a small pinhole button instead of a visible... 31ebe8ef48

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